FALL 2022


Sunstone, Kate Ford’s Fall 22 collection, consisting of soft florals, enhanced by delicate lace trims, reminding the wearer of an earlier era, where companionship, laughter and warmth were enough and call to mind the grace and calm of crisp winter evenings and exquisite sunsets. Remembering our traditions and cherishing the smaller, simpler times in life bringing light to unique techniques and hand drawn elements elegantly collaborate to produce garments that reflect the integrity of craftmanship, a Kate Ford trait. Like elements of the Mayan culture that has absorbed, reworked, and shaped artefacts, Sunstone reasserts Kate Ford's cultural integrity and her ability to honour traditions yet provide contemporary,
individualistic, and feminine pieces.

Kate Ford has developed original artworks with Australian Artist Helen McCullagh. The elements representing the ancient Mayan people honouring the earth and their traditions, and how these elements dance and discover, colour and meld, yet contrast and complement each other throughout each garment. The stories that are told in the layers of colour and pattern, fabric and design are unique in their expression representing the rituals of pottery and weaving, growing corn and maize with the use of modest tools and long-standing traditions.

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