The gateway to the Sahara Desert lays the mystical Red City of Marrakesh. Opening your senses and transporting you to the centre of the world where your mind allows you to not only see but think and feel in colour. Kate Ford takes the wearer down the cobblestone paths of Morocco for their Resort 23 Collection, inspiring the delicate hand-drawn exclusive prints by the warm, bustling cities and talented artisans Kate has personally met on her travels. The use of sustainability and naturally sourced elements, a baseline for Kate Ford as a whole, expanding on the hand-woven accessories and trims that make up the season of natural fibres and prints allowing you to feel wrapped up in the culture and warmth of the Moroccan people.

Kate Ford has developed original artworks with Australian Artist Bonnie Gray. Elements have been influenced by layers of experience and culture by the Moroccan people to sifting through the mix of herbs to spices and tannery that fill the air.

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