‘Lydian’ Resort 24 Collection - where the resonating power of jazz takes centre stage. Just like the soulful melodies that stir our spirits, this collection urges us to celebrate life, amplifying our vibrations to encourage love and joy. Giving us hope as we triumph in abject circumstances. The power of jazz and blues guides us through the ebbs and flows, forever enhancing our lives with its timeless allure.

The ‘Lydian’ Resort 24 Collection harmonizes with the rhythm of jazz and blues, captivating our senses with classic silhouettes allowing us to embrace the nostalgic timeless charm of the past. Each piece reverberates with original prints, designed to mimic the sequences and rippling colours. Pleated skirts come alive, snapping to the beat of the music, while every print is unique in scale, reflecting the varied tones and tempos. Echoing the meticulous attention to detail with refined embroidered edges, evoking elegance and sophistication