In the luminous glow of the Summer 24 season, Windsor unveils a collection inspired by the cosmic romance of The Hunter and Diana, the goddess of freedom and devotion to the Natural world.

Each piece a whisper on a star, woven with the threads of myth and nature's magic. Bloomy gowns cascade like moonlit waterfalls, shimmering in hues of gold and sapphire, capturing the ethereal dance of constellations in the night sky. Printed stars map out tales of The Hunters strength and Diana's grace, their love immortalised in the heavens. The soft rustle of linen fibres mimics the gentle breeze of forest glades, where Diana roamed in her wild and untamed spirit. Floral motifs bloom like sunlight blossoms, each Kate Ford exclusively designed print being a testament to the goddess's beauty and power.

In this High Summer 24 collection, the romance of the cosmos meets the earth's embrace, weaving a story of timeless love and devotion, where every wearer becomes a part of the inspirational tale.