Kate Ford: creating for and by the unique ones


Founded by Kate Ford in 2017 for the dreamers to continue dreaming and inspiring. The compilation of love, exploration, friendships and a long, intense creative design career has led Kate to spread her love to the universe and women just like her. Doing so, through unique creations solely on her own command, with no judgements, only letting free the constant whirlwind of ideas and never-ending philosophy that will not stop flowing through Kate’s mind.


Kate always knew that she would create something special and unique, a brand that represents every part of her personality and dream-like mind. Bringing unique pieces, one by one to your wardrobe for yourself to make your dreams a reality, with memories that last a life-time with the important people that matter to you. Each Kate Ford piece is unique as you are, and will add that extra confidence to your daily step, bringing desire from your surrounds.


Kate is so excited you have made the step to join the dream-like community, to live in a world on your own terms. Whilst expressing your personality through one garment at a time, we are here to assist on your adventure throughout, it does not stop upon checkout!


Much love, and keep dreaming babes.